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DUI / 7.01.2024

Busted for a DUI? Here's How It Wrecks Your Car Insurance Rates

Driving under the influence (DUI) comes with many repercussions. When you are convicted of a DUI, there is usually a spike in your insurance rates. Driving under the influence has the potential to hurt not just those around you, but it hurts your wallet too. Insurance rates fluctuate for everyone but having a DUI can wreck your rates and result in a significant increase in the cost of your policy.

The Costly Consequences of a DUI: How Much Do Rates Increase?

Drivers with a DUI are liable to see a rate increase of nearly 65%. After a DUI, car insurers no longer have a legal obligation to cover you. The national average for car insurance rates for drivers with a DUI is nearly $2,700 annually. Compare that to a driver without any DUIs, at a rate of about $1,600 annually. 

How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record and Impact Rates?

The short answer is forever.
When convicted of a misdemeanor DUI in the state of Tennessee, it is permanently on your driving record with no way of removing it. This means it will always impact your rates and is another important reason to employ a DUI defense lawyer.

Additional Insurance Impacts of a DUI

If convicted of a DUI there are a number of possible punishments, such as mandatory jail time of up to 12 years, fines, and a revoked license that could be indefinite depending on previous offenses, if there are any.

Tennessee’s Lookback Period

Tennessee has a “lookback period” of 10 years which means if you get a DUI 10 years after your first conviction, it will then be considered your first DUI. In some circumstances, the lookback period is 20 years. A knowledgeable DUI attorney will be able to access your driving records to see what the most suitable option is for your DUI defense.

Herbert Lux Law Firm: Protecting Your Rights and Your Rates 

Here at Herbert Lux Law Firm, we take pride in ensuring that your rights are protected and have the best defense team in place. We are experienced in DUI law and understand the legal and scientific aspect of your case and will ensure that you receive the most favorable outcome.

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If you are facing a DUI, contact Herbert Lux Law Firm for your free consultation. We are experienced in the art of DUI defenses and understand even the most miniscule details associated with this charge.

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