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Criminal Defense / 12.01.2023

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Nashville

Being accused of a crime is perhaps one of the most frightening situations you can find yourself in. If you are charged and convicted, your entire life will likely forever be changed. Even a simple accusation can tarnish your reputation and affect both your personal and professional relationships. That is why you need to hire an attorney immediately. But how do you know who to choose? Below are some tips to help you find the right criminal defense attorney to represent you in your criminal case.

If you have been accused of or charged with a crime, contact Herbert & Lux right away. Our Nashville criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused and will work hard to get you the best possible outcome. Contact us today to schedule a free, confidential case review. 

Follow These Steps

Before committing to a lawyer for your case, it is important to keep a level head and examine all the facts before proceeding. It is an extremely important decision, having lasting effects on the course of your life.

Understand Your Legal Needs

Before you begin your search for the right attorney, it’s important to understand the nature of your charges and what type of legal representation you will need. 

Perform an Online Search

Start by researching local criminal defense attorneys in the Nashville area. 

Ask for Referrals

Referrals from your friends or family members can be great resources. A personal recommendation from someone who has previously worked directly with the lawyer provides valuable insight as to the experience you can expect to have.

Look for Attorneys Who Specialize in Your Type of Case

Attorneys often specialize in various areas of criminal law, such as DUI, drug crimes, or violent offenses. Selecting an attorney who handles cases similar to yours is essential.

Check Their Credentials 

Once you have a list of potential lawyers, be sure to check their credentials. Make sure they are licensed to practice in Tennessee and have no history of disciplinary actions.

Check Their Level of Experience

Experience is also critical. An attorney with a proven track record in dealing with your type of case and who knows the ins and outs of the process is much more likely to achieve a successful outcome in your case.

Consider Their Reputation

A lawyer’s reputation provides insight into their professionalism and skill level. Search for reviews, testimonials, or news articles that might give you a sense of their standing. Make sure to also consider how they are regarded by their peers, local judges, and prosecutors they have worked with, as their relationship with these individuals can greatly impact your case.

Schedule a Consultation

Most attorneys offer free consultations. Take this opportunity to explain your charges, discuss their approach, and assess your level of comfort with them. Make sure you also pay attention to how they communicate and whether they show a genuine interest in your situation.

Ask What Legal Strategy They Would Recommend

During your consultation, ask them about their proposed defense strategy. An experienced attorney should be able to provide a preliminary course of action and explain the legal process. This will give you a sense of their knowledge, experience, and ability to handle potential legal challenges.

Assess Their Honesty and Communication

Honest and effective communication is vital. Ensure the attorney is transparent about their fees, the potential outcome of your case, and any potential risks involved. Assessing the frequency and style of communication is also important, as you will want an attorney who will keep you informed and be available when you have questions or concerns.

Evaluate Their Fees

While the attorney’s fees should not be the only deciding factor, it is important to choose a lawyer whose fees are reasonable and within your budget. Be leery of any attorney who makes unrealistic promises or whose fees are significantly lower than others.

Trust Your Instincts

Listen to your gut feeling. Being comfortable with your attorney is essential, as you will need to work closely with them. Choose someone who you believe has your best interests in mind - and who you feel confident will work their hardest to get you the best outcome possible.

Speak with a Nashville Criminal Defense Lawyer for Free

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer requires extensive research and careful consideration. Understanding your legal needs, researching potential lawyers, evaluating their reputation and experience, and assessing their level of communication will ensure you make an informed decision. Remember, the right criminal defense attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case - and your future.
If you have been accused of a crime, you must consult with a lawyer immediately.

Our team of Nashville criminal defense lawyers will take immediate steps to protect your rights and build a solid defense strategy, possibly resulting in the reduction or dismissal of your charges or helping you avoid charges altogether. Contact Herbert & Lux today to speak with an attorney for free.

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