You’ve done the research, and you’ve gone to more open houses than you can count. And now, finally, it’s time to buy your dream home. Since you’ve been working with your real estate agent, it’s easy to assume that everything will be figured out and things will go according to plan

Unexpected Situations

But what about those unexpected situations that always seem to pop up just as the final “I” is about to be dotted, and the final “T” is about to be crossed? For example, it’s the day of the closing and everyone is present — you (the buyer), the seller, the title closer, an attorney for the lending company, the real estate broker, and, (thank goodness) your attorney.

Suddenly, it’s come to your attention that there’s a conflict with the closing costs, or final purchase price, or the land survey, etc. that was not addressed prior to the closing, and something needs to be done immediately to salvage the deal.

For an instant, worry sets in as visions of a heated argument and possibly losing the home that you and your family are planning on living in run through your head. But just as this imagined scenario begins to get out of control, your attorney takes the appropriate actions, files the appropriate papers, and addresses some complicated legal issues, and settles the matter in a controlled and effortless manner. Had you not had your real estate attorney present, this situation could have gone much worse.

In situations such as this, hiring an attorney like the skilled members of Herbert & Lux in Nashville, TN, can be an important and invaluable step in the home buying process.

Benefits of Having a Legal Team on Your Side

Having a skilled real estate attorney on your team gives you access to legal advice, peace of mind, and someone who will fight for your rights as a homebuyer. Did you know that out of the entire group of people with their hands on your deal, drafting your contracts and advising you on probably the largest investment you’ve ever made, including the real estate agents, title agents, loan officers and closing agents…not one of those people is required to have a law license?

In bringing on a skilled real estate attorney like the lawyers at Herbert & Lux, you will have the best representation navigating you through the countless issues that can, and do go wrong with real estate deals. You will also have someone who is there to protect your best interests and is adept at expediting the process. In fact, real estate attorneys can identify potentially problematic issues that need to be resolved at closing, keep lines of communication open between buyers, sellers, mortgage holders, local tax departments, lenders, home inspectors, and contractors, among others, and thoroughly review documents and record and distribute any and all fees. At closings, a skilled real estate attorney will also correct legal issues that impact the title, and address issues within the contracts.

Protect your Deal and Look Out for Your Interests

Why not add an extra layer of protection to your home buying experience? Take the steps to safeguard your interests and dreams by hiring the dedicated, skilled, and experienced attorneys at Herbert & Lux before you sit down and sign those contracts.