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DUI / 6.10.2018

How to Reduce a DUI or DWI Charge

Ways to Reduce a DUI Charge

No one likes receiving a traffic ticket, but if you’re getting pulled over for a suspected DUI (driving under the influence) you’re about to have an especially bad day or night.

Most of us are bound to receive at least one ticket during our driving career, but if you’ve made the mistake of driving under the influence you will be in need of some specialized information and assistance to help you reduce your DUI charge down to something less ominous.

We’ve included some key advice and information below on what you can do to help your situation in the event that you find yourself charged with a DUI.

1. Use an Attorney Who Regularly Practices DUIs

It is important to have expert advice from those used to dealing with the Nashville legal system. Eddie Herbert and Ron Lux are here to help you with your DUI charge. We offer expert legal counsel in this area and have the legal experience to help you improve your case.

If you try to represent yourself or hire an attorney unfamiliar with DUI representation you run the risk of:

  • A suspended license
  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • Subjection to the use of a monitoring device
  • A car breathalyzer

Utilizing the experience of an attorney who regularly practices DUI defense can reduce or eliminate some of the mandatory penalties that may be imposed by the Nashville legal system.

2. Examine the Evidence

The law firm Herbert & Lux can help you look over the specifics of your arrest for details that may help turn your DUI into a reckless driving charge, which faces penalties that are less severe in nature.

For example, they can dig into details such as: Was this a first-time incident or did the police properly follow arrest procedures? If they were negligent in any area, that can be used to your advantage. Eddie Herbert and Ron Lux know exactly what to look for. We can also check to make sure proper blood alcohol testing procedure was followed, or it may be considered inadmissible in Nashville courts.

3. Use Your Resources

There are many different avenues to explore to reduce a DUI. Eddie Herbert and Ron Lux may be able to help you make a deal with the State in return for a reduced charge.

Deals may Include those Such as:

  • Attending an educational program – Programs like this are designed to show the effects of drug and alcohol on the body, as well as explore why driving recklessly is a bad idea. Completion of a course such as this results in a lessened sentence, assuming the driver has learned a valuable lesson.
  • Taking a plea bargain – If there is any reason the evidence against you is flawed or not a strong case, the court will consider a plea bargain. This means that you admit that you are guilty, despite the lack of proper evidence, and, in return, you are convicted of a lesser charge.
  • Completion of a probationary period – If this is a first offense, probation may be issued instead of the jail time associated with a DUI charge. To complete the probation, you may have to attend various classes on the related charge, have a temporarily suspended license, agree to random drug testing, and report to a probation officer.

4. Act Quickly

When it comes to dealing with charges of any nature, moving fast is important. Certain evidence may need to be obtained within a matter of days to assist in your DUI defense.

Eddie Herbert and Ron Lux can help you prepare the best defense for your case. They can also help you to keep your license, which may be essential to keeping your job. It is important to hire one of these attorneys right away, to afford yourself the maximum protection available. Driving Under the Influence is a serious criminal offense in Tennessee, and hiring the right attorney can give you the best possible chance to get your sentence reduced or dismissed.

Mandatory DUI sentencing without an attorney may proceed as follows:

  • A first offense is a $350 fine, suspension of your license for a year, and 48 hours in jail
  • The second offense is a $600 fine, suspension of your license for 2 years, and 45 days in jail
  • The third offense is an $1100 fine, suspension of your license for 3-10 years, and 120 days in jail.
  • The fourth offense, which enhances your charge from a misdemeanor to a felony, is a $2500 fine, suspension of your license for a minimum 5 years, and 150 days in jail.

Don’t run the risk of being convicted with a DUI in Nashville. Hire Eddie Herbert or Ron Lux today to help you protect your freedoms and lessen your sentence. We can help turn this unfortunate occurrence into a learning experience that still allows you to drive and keeps you out of jail.

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