If you’ve been pulled over and charged with an enhanced DUI in Tennessee, you are facing a serious crime that the State will want prosecuted to the fullest extent, even if it is your first offense.

You’ll need a strong defense attorney in your corner to have a chance at getting your charges reduced or dropped. This is where our law firm, Nashville-based Herbert & Lux, comes into play. We’ll ask the right questions that could save you not only money and jail time, but also the long lasting effects that a criminal record can have on your everyday life.

Legal Considerations

An enhanced DUI charge is not the same as a standard DUI, and requires a more robust defense.

A high blood alcohol concentration. In Tennessee, the legal limit for your BAC is under 0.08 percent. If your BAC reaches 0.20 percent or above, you can now be prosecuted for an enhanced DUI and could face much stiffer penalties, including a minimum of 7 days in jail, a year of probation, community service, license revocation for 1 year, a breathalyzer installed in your car, numerous mandatory alcohol classes a fine of up to $1,500.

Why Quality Representation Matters

With this much at stake, you deserve an attorney who will fight for you. The attorneys at Herbert & Lux are members of the National DUI Defense Lawyers Association and have extensive experience defending DUI cases. We can examine your case and look at all possible options to help you prove your innocence, and move on with your life intact.

We can challenge a number of things in DUI cases, including the DUI stop, the field sobriety test and the arrest itself. Did the law enforcement officer have reason to suspect you were driving drunk? Did the officer conduct your sobriety tests properly? Was the blood or breath sample collected properly?

Contact Herbert & Lux today for a free consultation to see how we could help your case. We can pair you with an expert DUI lawyer who understands your rights and will fight for them.