At some point, nearly every Tennessean has entered into a situation that requires a legally binding agreement. Too often, people rely on the classic handshake or verbal agreement which don’t provide you with the protection you need should a dispute arise. Or, a contract is drafted improperly by someone who doesn’t have the expertise necessary to properly prepare a legally binding contract that covers each aspect of the agreement.

Drafting a legally binding contract is difficult, and when they’re miswritten, the potential for liability can be enormous. Our experienced attorneys are well versed in each aspect of contracts and know how to structure an agreement properly to ensure that it is an accurate representation of each parties’ intent.

Unlike some firms, we take pride in the level of individualized service our clients receive. As true advocates for every one of our clients, we bring the personal attention that is required when dealing with contracts and litigation that arises from them.

The Many Applications of Contract Law

Many people are surprised by how many types of agreements need a legally binding document in place to protect all involved parties.

Some of the agreements that require a contract include:

  • Home repair/home improvement contracts
  • Rental agreements
  • Purchase/sale of businesses
  • Partnerships
  • Settlements
  • Event liability for commercial spaces and private property
  • Purchase/sale of personal property

Regardless of the type of contract you need, we can provide you with some of the best contract attorney for your needs. Your lawyer will be able to adequately address your concerns, ensure that you understand each aspect of the contract or dispute, and provide the top level legal services that you deserve.

Nashville Contract Attorney Services You Can Rely On

At Herbert & Lux, we realize that each of our client’s needs is different. We pride ourselves on providing the most talented and diverse selection of contract lawyers in Nashville.

Our advice and recommendations are tailored to the individual needs of each client we have. Our vast experience allows us to quickly and effectively address our clients’ needs, regardless of their concerns. In choosing our firm, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the type of individual attention your case deserves.

The Experience You Need

Our firm’s attorneys bring years of combined experience providing contract law services for both individuals as well as major corporations. Efficiently representing our clients in arbitration, mediation and administrative matters is what we do on a day to day basis.

Whether you’re looking for assistance drafting a new contract, are looking for experienced legal professionals to review an existing agreement, or require legal counsel for disputes that may arrive as a result of a contract, the contract law attorneys at Herbert & Lux are standing by to address any need you may have effectively.

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